Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer: Which is the Better Choice?

Cooking is no longer the same, with the advancement of culinary art, different kitchen appliances have emerged to add the extra bling to your food within a minimal time frame.

Both pressure cookers and air fryers are the addition of the expansion of Cookwares with the evolution of diverse cooking techniques.

Where the pressure cooker is been in the business for a long on the other hand air fryers have been accumulated recently.

No matter how long they have been, both are creating a great buzz on the internet these days.

The Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer debate seems to be on fire at present. To cut the long debate short, both of them are irreplaceable in different sectors and do not have supremacy over another rather they together complement your kitchen top to the core.

Yet to be more precise, we have steamed a thorough comparison between these two devices. Stay tuned to catch more.  

Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer: Which is the Better Choice?

Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer

To get to terms with the Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer debate, we have constructed the outline of the key differences between these appliances.

This extended comparison includes a table and detailed information to give you the most picturesque view.

Comparison Table of Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer

Key DifferencesPressure CookerAir Fryer
PortabilityLess portableMore portable
Technologycompressed pressureRapid air technology
TimeTakes less timeTakes relatively more time
Food quantity at a timeCooks large quantityCooks small quantity
Power consumptionConsumes less powerConsumes more power
VersatilityMore versatile (cooks almost everything)Less versatile (basically used for frying)
PriceRelatively more expensiveLess expensive

About the Air Fryer

The first-hand solution for every productive and organized home, an air fryer, is the best kitchen gadget to always keep you going with a healthy body. Cutting down the extra calories, this is the healthiest invention among kitchen appliances.

What is an Air Fryer?

It is technically the state of the art and healthier version of a convection oven for preparing fried food.

The air fryer was invented with a vision of healthy cooking and extended its excellence in frying, grilling, roasting, dehydrating, and even baking. This gadget has been here to add more convenience to the cooking methods and to reduce the manual effort.

The central purpose of this frying device is to replace the method of deep-frying as it fries food with literally no to little oil. It comes in compact sizes, is highly portable, and eliminates deep-fried foods from our whole system.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

The rapid air technology is the basic mechanism behind the delicious oil-less cooking of an air fryer. It works by circulating trapped air around the cooking chamber.

There are a heating component and a fan; the heating element produces hot air and the fan using the convection method circulates the air inside the chamber. The hot air comes in contact with the food and the stream of hot air cooks the food.

There is temperature and timer control in this device, some of the brands also have presets. These features cut of both the cooking time and extra calories and produce delicious crispy fried food every time.

Things to consider before buying an Air Fryer

Buying the perfect air fry for your kitchen counter can be quite hectic as the market is full of exaggerating brands that do not perform anything it claims. The following segment describes the must-have features of a great air fryer.


Typically this comes in something between two to 7 quarts in size, it solely depends on your requirements and how much capacity you want.

If you are serving for a large family dinner or a party, a fryer between 5 to 7 quarts will do. If you intend to serve two or three people, you must opt for something in size varying from 3 to 4 quarters will be great.

For a single person or hostels, compact sizes are the best. Choose the size according to your kitchen counter; a bulky size would not suit a tiny countertop.

Built-in Presets

Some of the prominent brands have built-in presets. This feature allows you to cook food conveniently; users just have to tap the preset setting and the rest will be handled by the intelligent gadget. Baking, frying, dehydrating, and roasting are the basic preset features.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Removable nonstick baskets are highly appreciated for easy cleaning. These baskets are easy to remove this do not create a mess while removing. Nonstick material keeps the cleaning process minimal. Make sure you invest in something that is dishwasher safe so that you don’t have to clean it yourself every time.

Temperature Control

The temperature control gives you the freedom to try different cuisine on your air fryer. Moreover, it has an extended benefit as well. When the food is cooked at high temperatures for a shorter time, it is less likely to consume oil or grease.

Thus to cut that extra fat, it must have high-temperature settings.


This cooking gadget comes with an auto shut-off, cool touch grip, and a non-slip bottom to ensure the utmost safety for its customers. Auto shut-off technology shuts off the machine when it is not in use thus no unwanted accidents. A cool touch grip prevents your hands from burning and the non-slip bottom ensures a solid grip so that it does not slip from the counter.

Timer Control

The timer control is also necessary if you intend to prepare a variety of food. Especially for baking, this feature is very vital. It is very convenient as well. Always get one with an available timer setting feature.

Things we like

  • Very useful for tiny households.
  • Cuts the extra grease, oil, and calories.
  • Cooks delicious food; crunchy from the outside yet perfectly moist from inside.
  • Takes less time than the conventional ovens

Things could be better

  • Takes more time than traditional deep frying.
  • Cannot cook watery foods.

About the Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a traditional way of cooking a large quantity of food using compressed pressure. This is a one-pot stop for fast and nutritious cooking which excels in keeping all the flavors intact.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

The pressure cooker generally uses liquid to create pressure inside the pot and cooks food turning the pressure into heat inside the chamber. Back in the inventory days, it was used in fire stoves usually but nowadays there is an advanced option, the electric pressure cooker.

A more progressed version of the slow cooker, a pressure cooker can unbelievably reduce the cooking duration. If a traditional cooker takes 15 minutes to cook something, a pressure cooker will take a maximum of 5 minutes to cook.

How Does a Pressure Cooker Work?

Engineered to create pressure from the liquid within, a pressure cooker has two parts; the lid with a valve and the container. The lid is locked tightly to create an airtight environment in the container. Then the pressure from the liquid gets compressed within the pot and the temperature of the water goes beyond the boiling point.

The pressure cooker releases the stream of hot air and forces the food to be cooked. Once done with cooking, it releases the stream. For a pressure cooker to work appropriately, the presence of any sort of liquid is imperative.

Things to consider before buying a Pressure Cooker

For a large family who is always on the go, nothing can substitute a pressure cooker, and buying the perfect one is not an easy-going task. Forming the appropriate buying guide takes firsthand experience and extended research thus we have taken the hassle for you. The pressure buying guide is attached below, do have a check.

Pot Size

Pressure comes in sizes from 3 quarts to 12 quarts; it is your call as per your need. You must pick the best size to have maximum convenience. For a small family, a giant size can be troublesome. Again, if you wish to cook food in large badges, small size will con you.

Pressure Settings

Though there are multiple pressure settings available in the market truth be told every pressure can function quite the same way. Yet for convenience, at least two pressure settings are very necessary; high pressure and low pressure. High pressure is for meat, beans, or more tough veggies, and low pressure for eggs, fish, or leafy veggies.


Pressure cookers must be made with pure stainless steel. Aluminum body material is reactive and thus not healthy at all and can easily deform or create accidents. Stainless steel is sturdy and lasts for long period. Moreover, the nonstick coating is avoidable as it can get scratched while cleaning.


Safety is a big concern for any kitchen gadget and a pressure cooker is no exception. Must get a pressure cooker from renowned manufacturers to ensure the best quality. The easy-grip handle feature keeps it easy to handle and prevents any sort of burning.


The pressure cooker is mostly budget-friendly though never forget to compare the price among different brands. Do not always run for saving money, quality means everything. A good pressure cooker within a moderate budget is easy to find.

Things we like

  • The pressure cooker locks the nutrients inside
  • It can cook faster and can reduce the time by more than 50%
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Does not require any monitoring
  • Cooks large quantity of food

Things could be better

  • Users have to wait for the pressure cooker to release the stream
  • Requires oil thus less healthy

Detailed Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer

Size and Capacity

The pressure cooker is relatively giant than air fryers. It can range between two quarts to twelve quarts to repair food for big fat families or dinner parties.

An air fryer is compact and naturally serves less amount of food at a time. For small families with fewer people and tiny space, it works great.

Types of Food

Pressure cooking usually cooks juicy foods that contain water. It cooks and boils mostly meat, vegetables, fish eggs and so on. It cannot cook fast food or contemporary food.

Air fryer fries, cooks, roasts, or bakes; from crispy French fries to chicken wings (every type of fried food), it can prepare all the millennial food items.

Health Benefits

The pressure cooker needs oil to cook thus it cannot add additional benefits to your food. But it preserves all the nutrients and thus do not decline the health benefits as well.

On the other hand, an Air fryer requires less oil or no oil. And results in adding more health benefits. Moreover, it cooks at high temperatures and prevents Deep-fried foods from your diet

Cleaning and Maintenance

The pressure cooker demands more manual cleaning. Users must do a thorough cleaning after every use which becomes quite hectic to maintain this kitchen appliance. Due to the large and complex size, it is quite troublesome to use a pressure cooker.

The air fryer wins the debate regarding maintenance as it needs a maximum of cloth to wipe away the leftovers from the basket. The nonstick finish and dishwasher-safe models are more convenient to clean and maintain. Being compact, it is also easy to handle this gadget while working.


The pressure cooker is heavyweight and large thus quite difficult to move here and there. It should be placed and settled somewhere permanently.

An air fryer is lightweight and compact and can be taken here and there easily.


If the safety measures are concerned, the pressure cooker has relatively fewer safety features. The pressure cooker should be sealed properly so there must be a well-built seal gasket and cool-touch handle. Most of the manufacturers promise these features.

The air fryer comes with plenty of safety features such as auto shut off technology, a cool touch grip, easy and removable basket. Though the outer body of some of these tends to be hot and can cause burning. Other than that these features ensure utmost customer safety.


Now that you have disclosed the debate, both these kitchen gadgets are great for your extensive cooking desires. They are great to work with, highly efficient, time-saving, and everything any cooking enthusiast may want. Let us know what is your take on the Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer debate?

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