Best Direction For House to Face (Scientific Methods)

Whenever you intend to buy a new home, a flash of queries pass through your mind (a significant investment after all). The most frequent one is what should be the best direction for your house to face? See how we read your mind!

To be precise, a place facing north is considered the best direction keeping the overall facts in mind. But the discussion does not end here at all; many minds can give you many suggestions.

The direction of your home depends on your personal preference as well, and some hidden facts dominate the suitable direction of your residence. To explore all the details and tactics of the most convenient approach for your house, stay tuned to the last word of this content.

The Best House Facing the Direction


In actual words, even a random home in the correct direction can turn into your LA-la land; apt sunlight, proper breezing, enough temperature balance, in short, cozy heaven. Though there are debates about the best direction for any living space, most experts and builders stick to the North or North-East direction.

The sunlight stays for the longest time in a north-facing home. It is the most significant advantage, and this follows fewer energy costs and a cozy temperature balance. As the sunlight is maximum, gardening cannot be any better than a direction that faces north. Especially in the winter season or cold weather, a home that faces north becomes a blessing. Even in summers, due to the chilly north, it does not become scorching.

Considering the northeast direction, it means that the property has roads facing north. It is also a brilliant orientation for any residence to meet. As the sunlight is sharp in the morning in the East and remains quite the same throughout the day on the north side, you can install the windows accordingly. It is the amalgamation of the benefits of both facing north and East, thus quite a good deal.

Advantages and disadvantages of different directions

When you are house hunting, you cannot rely on some random content (come on! we know it is a big deal). So, we have created comprehensive research to enlighten you about both the advantages and disadvantages of the four directions.

Do not count on others; take your own decision.

The North Direction



It is considered to be the best for houses regardless of the geographical position and other aspects. With stable sunlight, excellent gardening facilities, and unlimited fresh breeze, the north side confirms all.


  • A property faced to the north always gets accurate daylight and warmth.
  • As a residence that faces north gets the sunlight on the house’s backside, the living rooms or family room and kitchen get the maximum daylight.
  • Backyard gardens take advantage of proper sunlight and imbibe the benefits.
  • It balances the temperature inside the living area.


  • In gloomy days, a north-facing living space usually seems to be more relaxed than usual.
  • Without sunny days, houses that face the north seem to be dark.
  • North Facing homes will ache your pocket (EXPENSIVE).

The South Direction


A south-facing home is a dreamland for all garden enthusiasts. Southerly orientation is always excellent for an all-out acquaintance with the Sun.


  • Maybe not the most vital one, but “energy saving” is one of the south-facing homes’ best advantages. Due to the extreme sunlight and heat, the energy costs are declined.
  • The daylight gets amplified in a south-facing home; even the smaller homes look more spacious and airy when oriented to the South due to the extended amount of sunlight.
  • And the fascinating part is the increased facilities for gardening. Southerly light and the air is hugely facilitating for gardening. A south-facing garden is probably the most demanding aspect to any builder.


  • It can be hot during the hot summer.
  • South facing bedrooms can disturb your morning sleep with the aggressive daylight.
  • Quite expensive.

The East Direction

These days, properties facing east are less preferred, yet you can consider it if you are a Morning person.


  • As the sun rises from the East, an east-facing home ensures the best sunrise view.
  • Again, one can enjoy the calming sunset from the backside of the house.
  • Remains warm during the morning (a pleasant benefit for winters)
  • For a morning person, waking up to the sun’s rays is nothing less than a bliss


  • During summer, the mornings get quite hot.
  • For a late riser, the sharp morning summer sun rays can be highly disturbing.

The West Direction

How a west-facing dynasty would work for you depends on the geographical placement. Let’s decode the pros and cons and then decide.


  • Proper daylight in the afternoon.
  • In the winter region, the afternoon heat and light keep the home warm during the night.
  • Can be great for homes with backyards to take advantage of the evening light.


  • The afternoon sunlight is intense which is quite bad for the health
  • During the summer the evening heat can keep the abode unbearably hot throughout the night.

Appreciate The Significance: Why the Direction Your Home Faces Matters?

Home orientation has its perks and importance both scientifically and spiritually. According to some of the traditions, it can turn your life upside down. Though there is numerous importance of the direction, we will name the most vital ones. Catch the following section to know more:


Sunlight plays the most vital role in designing your dynasty. The Sun in the northern hemisphere stays in the southern sky; the places of your home where you want chilly afternoons must be opposite the Sun.

And if you want the first ray of the sunbeams to be on your face, the bedroom must face the Sun’s direction. Again, Sun’s position can vary up to 50 degrees from summer to winter, and you must design your building accordingly to get the desired amount of sun exposure.

The Outlook (site view)

Suppose, you have invested the extra dollars in catching a spectacular beach/ mountain/ greenery/ skyline view from your bedroom or living room. Why on earth would you like to open your washroom or store room window to catch the sight?

The way your home faces matters in such conditions when your home’s preferred space must meet a particular direction. In such cases, you cannot ignore home orientation unless you want to miss the view.

Energy Savings

The home orientation can directly affect the energy cost. One can enjoy energy savings by designing the apartment and windows considering the sunlight and weather pattern. Glass windows facing the Sun can keep the living space warm during the cold weather and make the place more light efficient.

On the contrary, windows facing the north orientation can make your abode pretty cold. If you have many windows, your home is more likely to be affected by the temperature. Thus you get to apply the window treatments or add window coverings to enjoy the most of the weather and cut the electricity bills.

Weather and Climate

If you have a NORTH-SOUTH-FACING LOT, keep the broadside north-south oriented. If you live in a cold area, place the windows on the south sides to get optimum sun exposure. And if you live in a warm place, you can set the windows facing the north lot to enjoy a cool breeze.

Again, for an EAST-WEST-FACING LOT, face the south side of the road. And then determine to place the windows and front doors either facing the street or to face the building’s sides.

Properties facing the northern lot can be affected by the snow. Moreover, if the front door faces the north, the sidewalks, the driveways and the entrance can become very risky due to the snow. In such cases, one can shift the access to the backyard or install a backdoor as the ice melts faster on the opposite (South) direction.

Front Door

To many people the entrance matters a lot and also we judge the house based on the entrance presentation, don’t we? Thus the front door should be installed in such a direction so that the guests don’t end up seeing your washroom as the first thing while entering the house.

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

Home orientation is also essential for two prominent beliefs; the Feng Shui and the Vastu Shastra (though there is no relation between these two beliefs and technical terms). According to Feng Shui, different directions impact positive energy flow to bring harmony into the living area. And for Vastu Shastra, home designing enhances the positive energy, and every space of the house has an individual connection to your health, wealth, emotions and mental peace.

Things to consider for the best direction for a house

Though the directions are essential but properly doing this needs lots of consideration. One needs to figure out specific facts before actually determining any direction. To start with, let’s name the essential points that you need to consider:

Sunlight and Shading

Homes that feel damp are frustrating, and you need to determine the direction to get proper sunlight. Considering the sunbeam, either you have to build your home in such a manner that you can get enough daylight. Or you can locate the rooms where you want most of the light and heat according to the sunlight.

Shading is another crucial factor; there might be shading around your home due to construction and trees. Now, you need to get a proper direction to avoid any wanted shading.


Whether you decide your home to face north, South, East, or West, ensure proper ventilation. Windows, ventilators, and doors are the primary gateways to ensure suitable ventilation. Install them or place your property in such a manner that you can enjoy the fresh breeze to enter and wind to exit.

Pro Tip: Often, we tend to install oversized windows to get more ventilation. More oversized windows mean more heat and more cold. Do a bit of research and get the appropriately sized window.

Geographical Position

Consider where you live; if you live in the hottest spots on the planet, you cannot have a living space with a lot of sun exposure. On the contrary, in cold paces, homes must face a specific direction to get more sunbeams to hold the warmth as much as possible.

Neighborhood and Privacy

The directions also depend on the neighborhood and your privacy preference. If you don’t want to face the neighbors, you have to build the doors and windows opposite the neighbors’ houses. Again, if you do not prefer to have your entrance facing the road to avoid noise, you have to orient the home to have the entrance opposite the road.

How to determine the Feng Shui direction of Your House?

Feng Shui is a method of executing home organization ideas that arranges all the positive energies in your new home; a Chinese concept that means to balance the harmony between the individuals and the element of nature. Whether you are a believer or not, applying Feng Shui analyses to your home won’t harm you, and you never know, it might bring good luck.

To determine the Feng Shui direction of your home, you need to know the following things.

The Feng Shui Direction: Facing Direction and Sitting Direction

Feng Shui Direction

There are 8 Feng Shui directions; 4 (north, south, east, and West) primary directions and four sub directions (North West, North East, Southwest, and Southeast). According to this, your home can face any of these eight directions.

The front Door

The front door direction will be the Feng Shui Facing direction both for your old or new home. You have to use a compass and get a reading of the front door. Whether you use the front door or not, the actual entrance door standing in front of the house (not the side/backyard/primary door) should be considered.

The opposite of the front door or generally the backyard is the sitting direction of your residence.

Compass Reading

Take the compass reading of the front door carefully. A single reading is not applicable, and you must take several readings to accurate.

The Mouth of Chi

The front door only is known as the Mouth of Chi though some believers consider the big windows or driveways to be the Feng Shui direction. But the truth be told, big windows or driveways are just the channel chi. The central aspect of absorbing energy in the house is the front door or the Mouth of Chi.

The Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua is essential to intensify the wisdom in the house. There are two ways to determine the Bagua: the western or BTB way and the traditional or classical way.

The best direction for a house to face sunlight

The direction of a home determines the amount of sunlight the residents are going to have. Whether you have built the house, or about to buy it, or planning to renovate it, you must focus on getting the maximum sunlight.

  • If you are about to build a house, consider, it is facing the South. This way, your home will get optimum sunbeams and warmth during the day.

Caution: If you live in any hot temperature area as in the Middle East or Texas, be mindful of the hotness. In such cases opt for a North facing house to balance the excess heat.

  • If you have already built a house and think of renovating it, install South oriented windows to get the best daylight.

How to check the direction of a house with a compass?

To know which direction your house faces, all anyone would need is a compass and a few guidelines. A standard compass would be perfect for determining the order. Just grab a compass and follow the guidelines below to identify where the house faces:

  1. Consider the front door to take the compass reading. Look straight out from the front door and keep the compass reading.
  2. Don’t stand in a single place; go forward and take a reading, go backward and take a reading. Always look straight from the front door.
  3. Take several readings to ensure the most accurate result. Consider the average reading to be the actual one.
  4. If you are using a smartphone or standard compass, stand parallel to the entrance door and keep the compass in front or center of your body. With the classical compass, you need to rotate it to match the dial to the needle’s position.
  5. That’s it; you can read the direction of your house.

Additional Tips: make sure to remove any metal substance (finger ring, bracelets, or anything) from your body to get the most accurate reading.

The East vs West Debate: Is it better for a house to face East or West?

Considering the popular choices regarding home orientation after North, East is the second most loved direction as the Sun rises from the East and sets in the West. A house that faces east gets the perfect daylight sharp in the morning, which is a holy grail for the early riser. Moreover, the Sun stays till noon in a place facing east which means even in warm areas, the house during the night will be cold and cozy. Again, even in winters, the morning sun comes so brightly in the Eastern homes that it provides a pleasing warmth.

The West is not so bad, but the Sun shows up only in the afternoon and does not remain for long. As a result, little to no sun exposure happens, which is relatively not so pleasing. Moreover, the afternoon rays are not considered to be good for health. But living spaces facing West can bless the residents with perfect sunsets.

It is quite evident that the East is the better orientation for your home. West facing houses only for the sunsets but one can also take advantage of the western sunset from the backyard of their house that faces East.

What is the best direction for a house to face in Florida?

Home orientation in Florida demands you to know about individual facts to determine your house’s best direction. Being in Florida means exposure to the bright sunny ambiance and heat 365 days. As Florida belongs to the northern hemisphere, a south way home gets most of the daylight and is considered the best direction.

To cut the long things short, a South-oriented house with a backyard in the West is the best option for a Florida home. This way the house gets daylight throughout the day at a perfect angle and also the heat will be pleasant. A backyard in the west means, you get to enjoy the evening sun from the backyard with magnificent sunsets.

A house that faces east or West will get brilliant sunbeams till noon and be very hot. You will end up spending more money on the AC bills.

  • To determine the perfect home direction in Florida, first, consider the following facts.
  • Your daily routine: If you are not present in the house all day long, you can opt for a West or East facing house. You don’t have to bear the extra heat during the daytime.
  • Backyard Activities: Backyard activities such as sunbathing or children playing or enjoying the backyard pool will require sunlight for the maximum amount of time. As the sun rises in the East, east-facing backyards will get sunlight during the morning only. In such cases, a west-facing backyard is excellent as it reaches the heat after lunch (usually outdoor activities start after lunch only).


This content does not intend to fix a particular direction for the residents to face. No matter which direction the house faces, every direction has its perks and drawbacks. We just served information that will help you consider all the facts and aspects so that you can decide on your next house purchase. Now, let us know in the comment box which direction you aim for your house to face and why?

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